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Faith - Family - Freedom

"He does what he says" - Emergency  Nurse

"Tyler will do well because he stands on truth"  - School principal

"This is a guy that 100% has your back" - Police Officer


Protecting Life

Dr. Johnson is 100% pro-life.  

As a physician he knows that life begins at conception.  He and his wife have worked with women in crisis and

want adoption to be easier. 

Investing Your Money Wisely

You work hard for your money.  Tyler wants you to keep as much of your money as possible.  It does take money to build bridges and roads, however your dollars should not be spent on special interests or pet projects.

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Speaking with You not for You

As an emergency physician Dr. Johnson has honed a key skill, listening.  In the end all politics is best done as locally as possible.  When it cannot be done here he wants to make sure your voice is heard at the statehouse.

The Right to Bear Arms is Nonnegotiable

As an avid shooter, hunter and gun owner Tyler believes every Hoosier has the right to legally own a firearm for hunting and self defense.


Police - Fire - EMS

Dr. Johnson works directly with police, fire and EMS on a daily basis.  They have an extremely difficult job and he wants to work to make sure they are safe and protected.  He is proud to be a friend of those in uniform.

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Shaping our Future

Tyler wants to protect our children from harmful doctrines.  Things like critical race theory that are overtly racist damage our society.  There is a need to speak truth into the hysteria of transgenderism and gender confusion.


Valuing Hoosier Healthcare

As an outspoken advocate for patients Dr. Johnson wants to see insurance and health system reforms to make healthcare more transparent and easier to navigate.

The Foundation of Family

Tyler and his wife, Alicia, believe that marriage is the bedrock of a community.  At large one can judge the health of a society by how it treats and values marriage.

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Religious Freedom

Indiana should be a place that protects our places of worship.  Tyler will work hard to keep places of worship and our homes out of government overreach.

JOHN 17:15

My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.

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