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Dr. Johnson announces pro-life legend Cathie Humbarger as campaign chairwomen

Updated: Feb 2

Leo, IN – Dr. Tyler Johnson today named area pro-life activist Cathie Humbarger as chair of his campaign. Dr. Johnson is running to represent the 14th senate district of Indiana, a seat currently held by Senator Dennis Kruse who has previously announce that he will not run for another term. The announcement was made at a press conference held at 2210 Inwood Drive, in the parking lot of the shuttered abortion clinic owned and operated by the late abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.

“Having a pro-life champion like Cathie Humbarger join this campaign is an incredible honor,” Dr. Johnson said. “Her pas

sionate and innovative defense of the unborn for over 40 years is renowned among pro-life supporters and opponents alike. I asked Cathie to chair this campaign because her political acumen comes from years of experience in the Indiana Statehouse and her involvement in many previous elections. The pro-life issue is foundational to my campaign as Indiana will need visionary pro-life leaders to prepare for the probable return of authority to outlaw abortion to the states.”

“Endorsing Dr. Tyler Johnson was the result of much prayer and careful analysis,” said Cathie Humbarger. “The pro-life movement needs to think strategically about how we pick our leaders in 2022 and beyond, given the likelihood of a post-Roe v. Wade legal landscape. Dr. Johnson is a pro-life medical doctor whose character and medical credentials will silence the pressure from progressives and moderates in both parties in the Statehouse.”

Cathie Humbarger was introduced by Amber Archer of Fearless Features producers of the documentary “Inwood Drive” which told the story of how the crimes of Abortionist Ulrich Klopfer were left uninvestigated for decades until a team of pro-life advocates lead by Cathie exposed his nefarious deeds and closed his abortion businesses. Klopfer admitted to ending the lives of over 50,000 unborn boys and girls during his career as an abortionist. Fearless Features recently released the companion documentary “The Mind Polluters.”

About Cathie Humbarger

Cathie helped found A Hope Center, the first pregnancy resource center in Fort Wayne. Enforcement of existing laws and regulations is her passion and she organized a team of county affiliates in locations where abortionist Ulrich Klopfer operated. These investigations resulted in the closing of his three abortion facilities and the suspension of his medical license. Cathie also served 20 years as the Executive Director of Right to Life of Northeast Indiana (formerly Allen County Right to Life). She founded the long running radio program, “I Choose Life News & Views,” a weekly 30-minute radio program focusing on life issues. The program has aired on several stations for over 15 years. In January of 2020, Cathie was named CEO of Reprotection, Inc. to replicate the successful strategy of pressuring regulators to enforce existing laws to close dangerous abortion businesses. She currently serves as the organization’s Director of Public Policy. Cathie also serves as Director of Public Policy for Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

About the candidacy of Dr. Tyler Johnson

Indiana faces an existential crisis like no other time in its history, and the 14th senate district needs representation like Dr. Tyler Johnson. Abortion, critical race theory, transgender mutilation of children, pandemics, government overreach and loss of religious freedom are but a sample of the national and state-level threats that Indiana citizens face. The voters of Indiana’s 14th senate district need a leader who will confront these challenges and compellingly cast a brighter future in the Indiana General Assembly.

Dr. Tyler Johnson is that leader. An emergency room physician, association president, church elder, hobby farmer, and father of four children, Dr. Tyler Johnson is a community leader who won’t fold under the pressure of progressives nor return eye winks from deep-pocketed corporations. Dr. Tyler Johnson will fight for a safe and prosperous Indiana where families thrive, churches flourish, businesses succeed, and government minds its business and no more.

Vote for Dr. Tyler Johnson for Indiana State Senate district 14 on May 3, 2022.

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