• Tyler Johnson

Doctor's orders: Pass HB 1041

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 1:00 am

Dr. Tyler Johnson

Just how much research do we need to figure out that male athletes have an unfair advantage over female athletes? One Indiana news outlet recently wrote that Indiana needs more medical research before the General Assembly passes bills such as House Bill 1041, which will prohibit boys from competing against girls in Indiana high school athletic competitions. For thousands of years, nobody needed to kick the tires on the idea of permanent physical difference between the genders. I imagine that even 10 years ago, if a reporter had pitched an idea to his boss about doubting male-female strength differentials in athletics, the veterans would have been absolutely confounded. They would not have wondered about his conservative, liberal, Republican or Democratic credentials; they would have wondered about his vitals. Ten years later, however, a transgender revolution is making the nation feel very unwell. In that time, just how much have we learned about men, women, testosterone, hemoglobin and the rest? The answer is simple, and you don't need to hear this from a doctor, but if you insist, then take it from a real doctor: gender differences are real. Ten years later, some Indiana editors are supposedly scratching their heads, thinking the Indiana General Assembly should slow down action on bills such as HB 1041. The bill's author, Rep. Michelle Davis, R-Whiteland, an accomplished former athlete, said she wants to see fairness maintained in male and female athletics. To illustrate her point, Davis noted something very interesting but, on the other hand, maybe not surprising: in one unspecified year, there were 275 high school boys who ran faster than the lifetime best performance of world champion sprinter Allyson Felix. To this, the editors lamented that White “cited no medical studies.” Because ... it's not real until a doctor says so? OK, again, you don't need to hear this from a doctor, but if you insist, then take it from a real doctor: gender differences are real. No medical study will help, hurt or otherwise affect Davis' main point, which is that each of these 275 18-year old boys beat the world's greatest fully grown female sprinter. Translation: Amateur male sprinters beat the world's most elite professional female sprinter. We don't need to cite medical authorities; we only need to cite the stopwatch authorities. But since Davis didn't find this in publications that I have to read like the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine, the media remains arms folded. Eyes staring down over the rims of their storied reading glasses, they opine, “The evidence needs to be stronger (for HB 1041's passage) than acknowledging that many boys run faster than girls.” Actually, the evidence is biologically, physiologically and historically more than strong enough for this bill to pass unanimously. Again, you don't need to hear this from a doctor, but if you insist, then take it from a real doctor: Davis' point did not merely compare boys to girls. It compared boys to women. Amateur boys handily beat professional women, and not just any professional women, but the world's fastest female sprinter in the prime of her career. An elite female sprinter's bone density, muscle mass, lung capacity and overall strength are simply no match for a comparable 17-year-old male sprinter, even though he might be 10 years her junior. If amateur boys can whip the most elite women in the prime of their careers, how will my teenage daughter or your teenage daughter fare? HB 1041 is common sense legislation that affirms what we all know and don't need to hear from a doctor or any other “authority.” Gender is a wonderful, God-given gift to us that we should cherish and cultivate. Let men compete against men. Let women compete against women. Let my daughters compete against your daughters. Let HB 1041 pass and return gender normalcy to Indiana high schools. You really need to hear this from a doctor?

Dr. Tyler Johnson is an emergency room physician and native of Leo-Cedarville. He is running for the Republican nomination for Indiana Senate District 14.

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